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Welcome to the new homes of Social Lights - on the internet and in Bloomfield Hills Living, a monthly magazine. Because the lead time is two months, it’s the antithesis of Twitter, but better late than never, n'est-ce pas? The print edition goes only to homes in the City of Bloomfield Hills, so tell all your friends who live elsewhere to find it as you did, on SocialSallyG.com.

As for the past 40 years, the content will be reports and photos from the charity events you support. When you want me to put the spotlight on a human interest or strictly social event or would like a free copy of a photo let me know at SamGerak@AOL.com.

And those wishing to reach residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills with an advertising message in the glossy, print edition, please contact the amiable director Nick Aloisio at nick.aloisio@n2pub.com or 248-756-8010.


by Sally G.

Sally G.

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